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For those interested in earning the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate
<> , I will
be conducting an Exam Prep course online next week. This class will provide
a good review of topics which will are referenced on the exam and help you
identify areas where you are week. We have a 90% exam pass rate for those
that have taken the course and reported their results. 


ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam Prep
tml>  - June 24-27 - Four Sessions from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT. 


This 16 to 20 hour class will help prepare ArcGIS Users to take and pass the
ArcGIS Desktop Associate Exam for ArcGIS 10 or 10.1. Through a series of
lectures, instructor demonstrations and practice quizzes, student will
review ArcGIS Desktop functionality and identify areas where more study
maybe needed. The practice quizzes provide students with an opportunity to
experience a testing environment that will be similar to the real thing. The
quizzes are formatted very closely to those found on the actual exam with
questions based in Esri sample questions, recommended course section reviews
and the author's experiences with other certification exams such as those
from Microsoft, CompTIA, and others.


Students attending the course receive the following:

   1. Copies of lectures and practice quizzes

   2. Recordings of class sessions for review and study

   3. GIS Quick term reference list

   4. Ability to Audit future sessions of this class at no charge

   5. Additional study materials and aids


Cost of the course is $600.00 per student. 


Student Comments and Feedback

"I needed exposure to all the various parts of the ArcGIS Desktop platform,
and that's what I got - as well as "full immersion" in all the Esri lingo.
The practice test were very helpful. Being exposed to "test taking" is
necessary for successfully passing a test, and the questions allow me to
test my knowledge." - Dennis Dixon, Geo-Information Specialist - Dixon
Spatial Consulting


"This class was a great tool for helping me prepare for the ArcGIS Desktop
Associate Exam. It provided a great refresher for much of the tools, terms
and functionality I don't use on a regular basis." - Carol Walker, GIS
Project Coordinator, Polk County Florida Property Appraisers Office


"This course was very helpful. I don't think I would have passed the exam
without it. I called it my Secret Weapon. The practice exams allowed me to
becoming familiar with the wording and structure of the questions which
alleviated the test anxiety I usually experience. The instructor is engaging
and knowledgeable, the course material inspires confidence and helps guide
the self-study process." - Tamarin Gullett-Tyrrell, GIS Specialist, Cherokee
County Georgia


"I needed a structured approach to the overall ArcGIS product especially
components I don't have a chance to utilize in my job.  This class provided
a forum to get exposure and feedback on parts of the tool I don't use.  It
helped be identify some weak areas. The practice exams give great
reinforcement in a low stress manner without having to sit (and pay) for
multiple certification exams." - Jeremy Myers, GIS Analyst Cohesive


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