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Thanks. DOT IS having troubles too.

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Hi Shawn,

I can only speak for the Tallahassee DEP Base Station. We are currently experiencing a problem with our network writing files to our FTP server.  Fortunately, it appears we are not losing any files, they just are not being made available to the public.  We hope to have this issue resolved this afternoon with all files being made available.


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Can anyone explain to me why I can’t download base station files from any of the Tallahassee CBS sites?  I am having to get base station files from Blakely, GA.

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Most all GPS Post Process software uses NOAA/NGS’s server for correction data.  NGS’s Server went down yesterday and is only up intermittently today.   For Trimble Pathfinder Office(PFO) users who have tried to correct,  should delete all files out of their Base Folder and try again.   If you attempt to correct that same data and do not delete that base file,  PFO will attempt to use that same bad file over and over again.

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