shrug-l: RE: Wondering if ArcGIS 10.1 is certified for Windows 7(64-bit)

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I went from XP [it's nearly impossible to find the Service Packs now] to
Win 7 on my home and work boxes ~ 18 months ago.  I have not regretted
it.  I was reluctant to give up XP  - but now I'm used to the quirks of
Windows 7.  Since I'm using it on tablets too it is nice not to need a
special version for a tablet.    


I wish Microsoft would reduce the cost of their OS.  For home use I
bought some Chinese licenses and used my one EDU discount from digital
river.  I don't see the point of 'home nothing',  "home premium,'
'professional' and 'super deluxe everything.'  Have a heart Mr. Gates -
you have more money than God now.  I will stay legal but don't bleed
your geese dry getting their golden eggs.  


When you buy onlilne and don't get a CD with the Code number be sure and
record the Installation codes - I had two home machines die
simultaneously and it took days to find records of the codes.   Now they
are on prominent labels on each box.  I need to do that for my work
boxes too, although Dell probably will give it to me. 


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I am wondering someone would share their experience on ArcGIS 10.1
running on Windows 7 (64-bit).  I am asked to upgrade my desktop (XP) to
Win7 and not sure about that.  Thanks in advance


Yurong Tan


Dept of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General

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