shrug-l: IE9 64 bit versus geojson

Keith Sandell Keith.Sandell at
Tue Apr 1 15:43:30 EDT 2014

Anybody else out there loading geojson polygons, from a javascript file, in a web map app?

I'm finding that IE9 64 bit version has some challenges is consuming it. IE9 32 bit and all other browsers consume it in milliseconds where IE9 64 bit takes a bit longer, about 40 seconds. It appears that for each feature in the geojson (200 in total) the wait time gets exponentially longer.

I've tried putting off the request for the json file until after the app finishes loading everything else, but as soon as IE starts chewing on the geojson it freezes up until done.

Thoughts? (other than using a map service :))


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