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Over the years there has been much talk about the need for certification for
GIS. Many feel it is required for GIS to prosper as a profession while
others think it does more harm than good. Several organizations and vendors
have developed professional and technical certifications for those that work
with or in the GIS Profession. 


The purpose of this survey is an attempt to get some idea of how widely GIS
certifications have been adopted and promoted within organizations that use
GIS technology or services at any level. Please take the time to respond if
you use GIS (even if it is not your primary job), oversee GIS staff hiring,
manage staff that use GIS, help in the selection process of GIS Vendors or
right GIS policies for your organization.  


Click here to take the survey


The results will be presented in a presentation at the GIS Pro Conference in
New Orleans
dU_w) as well as other GIS conferences.  



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