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Good morning everyone,

I just got word that ArcGIS 10.2.2 was scheduled for release in April. It
has been delayed due to issues with Certification. However this is not a bad
thing as it provides more time for testing to make sure the new release has
fewer issues. 


Like 10.2.1 before it, ArcGIS 10.2.2 is really more of a service pack than a
true new release. This is following Esri's new policy that it will not
release any further service packs but instead will create new release
versions. So here are some of the issues 10.2.2 will address that I thought
were of some significance: 


ArcGIS Desktop

1.      TimeSlider animation when exporting to video (AVI) does not display
the animation of field is not a Date field.

2.      Spatial Analyst Aspect tool does not show correct symbology

3.      Polygon to Raster tool does not honor output coordinate system if
there is a selection in the input FC

4.      The Combine tool generates inconsistent results

5.      Any tool in the Parcel Fabric toolbox fails with the error message,
"Error 000816: The tool is not valid," when run with 64-bit Background
Geoprocessing enabled. 

6.      ArcMap crashes after editing 100 features or more in a Checkout file

7.      Creating a thumbnail wipes out the item description content when
editing metadata from the Catalog window for a mosaic dataset and/or raster

8.      The Eliminate tool fails to eliminate a feature on a feature class
provided by the user. 

9.      When a version is edited in a session of ArcMap, the
arcpy.ChangeVersion_management fails to change to the version, resulting in
the error, "000386 Locked by database user."

10.   The Clip tool adds line segments extending to a datum if a feature
touches, but does not cross, the clip boundary


ArcGIS Server

1.      In ArcCatalog 10.2, the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool does not
show cached scales of a cached map service. 

2.      Improve performance of tiles access when the cache directory is on a
shared network location

3.      A geocode service does not geocode a CSV file if it contains spaces
or a comma in the field name.

4.      Navigating between folders is slowed by the number of services
located in the folder.

5.      Performance degradation in ArcGIS Server when the location of the
configuration store is set to a network shared location

6.      Files are not properly cleaned from the server directories after
editing the config-store path until ArcGIS Server is restarted.

7.      When editing a service in Manager, the 'Instances per process'
property on the Processes tab is set correctly, but the UI (user interface)
always displays the default value of 8. 

8.      Opening the Sharing Properties dialog for a service can cause the
dialog to flash and reload multiple times.

9.      The login page in Manager incorrectly asks for a portal token when
the security protocol of the GIS Server has been changed and the Web Adaptor
is not re-configured.

10.   A KMZ file created from a REST query does not contain any layers if
there is a scale dependency on the map service.

11.   When querying a layer referring to a SDE FeatureClass in a 10.2 map
service using more than 1,000 ObjectIDs in the ObjectID parameter, and while
specifying an output projection different than the service, the output
geometry will not be re-projected.

12.   ArcMap 10.2 does not send the height and width of a map service when
falling back to REST for an identify request.

13.   Cannot enable SSL on ArcGIS Server if the path to the configuration
store contains spaces.

14.   Publishing fails when connected to ArcGIS for Server on port 6080 or
6443 when the server is configured to use Web Tier authentication.

15.   Adding Users and roles into ArcGIS Server user and roles store fails
after editing the config-store path until ArcGIS Server is restarted. 


So those are a few of the issues 10.2.2 will address when it is released. As
with all new releases, I strongly recommend you test them before deploying
to your production environment. For a complete list of all issues 10.2.2
will address go to:



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