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Thu Mar 27 12:05:22 EDT 2014

Once in a while ESRI does something that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
I could not reach ESRI tech support yesterday, so I sent out an email  on the SHRUG list server (before checking where Redlands is).
As a last resort I called their sales staff - and got a phone message.  I gave them my phone number and contract number.

ESRI techs called me within minutes of my calling sales [I missed that call] and they called  again today.   After not getting calls from doctors, wrestling with HP about plotters  and Cisco about tech help on their Prime system,  ESRI's response was great.
Within two minutes he pointed out the one essential step  I had forgotten in georegistering a Google [or any] digital ortho photo.
I'm a happy bunny.

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