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ArcGIS will export to KML so if that works you could import the GPX file
into ArcGIS. So what you need to do and then export to KML. 


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Brian Pierce,  the past GIS administrator at DACS who suffered a stroke -
asked if I can cut a GPX or XML file into segments to load back into his
Garmin ETrex.   The entire file is too large.


I have Google Earth and Topographix (demo) on my PC. I can bring up the
tracks and in topographix I can get an ID of tracks and waypoints,  but I
cannot divine a way to break this ~ 180 mile path into three or more
subtracks.  In Google Earth I see the track and a list of waypoints,  but I
can't find the waypoints from skipper bay to Steinhatchee, although the path
is displayed.


I could bring it into ArcGis and do it, but I'd lose the formatting it needs
for Garmin. 

Has anyone in SHRUG land worked with Garmin's GPX or KML files? Simply
displaying the track is easy, manipulating it less so. 



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