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Got this off the NC GIS List and thought I would share it. 


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From: Alice Wilson
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Subject: [ncgis] Bug in ArcGIS Online Maps - Dates


I had the strangest issue this morning - thought I was still suffering from
New Year's Eve. I have a layer for leaf/limb pickup zones that we have on
our city's web site. You find your address, click on the area to get what
zone and dates for pickups. I updated the dates in the fields for new 2015
dates and stop/start the service. Unfortunately on the actual
map/application online and embedded in our city site the date shown is a day

i.e. the layer attribute table field (date) shows Jan. 5th, 2015, but the
popup shows Jan.4th, 2015.

Contacted ESRI who says this is a new bug - seems for now the work around is
to convert the field from date format to text.

Just an FYI if you have maps published through ArcGIS and using dates you
may want to check them and convert as needed till the bug is fixed.


Alice Wilson, AICP, GISP

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City of New Bern


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