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York County Natural Gas Authority

Position: Engineering Technician - Full time: M-F 8-5

Under general supervision, using Computerized Assisted Drafting (CAD)
techniques, personal computers and GPS equipment, prepares and maintains
system record maps and drawings. Occasionally prepares individual scale
drawings of regulator and meter stations and project drawings. Maintains
accurate records of gas leaks and other facilities, prepares encroachment
permits. Will be involved with new and ongoing programs such as GPS data
collecting, Network Modeling, and ESRI GIS mapping.

A high school diploma is required. A two-year Associates Degree in
Engineering Graphics, Mechanical Engineering, or related field with AutoCAD*
for Windows training is required. Equivalent experience in a related field
with AutoCAD* for Windows or ESRI may be acceptable.

Send resume and contact info to: chris.nolen at
<mailto:chris.nolen at> 


Here is a little more information about this group. York County Natural Gas
is currently in the middle of a project to migrate their gas system maps
from AutoCAD to ArcGIS. They have a pretty detailed library of AutoCAD maps
which are being converted by an outside vendor that is also implementing a
GIS based work order and management system. I have worked with the folks at
York County Natural Gas off and on providing support and training for both
AutoCAD and ArcGIS. They are good people and it really seems like a good
place to work. 


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