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USGS website updated with FY2015 BAA Proposed Body of Work, including map of awarded projects --

"The US Geological Survey National Geospatial Program is pleased to announce the first round of awards resulting from the USGS Broad Area Announcement (BAA) for the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP), initially issued on July 18, 2014. (Solicitation Number: G14PS00574). The BAA is a publicly accessible process to develop partnerships for the collection of lidar and derived elevation data for 3DEP. 3DEP presents a unique opportunity for collaboration between all levels of government, to leverage the services and expertise of private sector mapping firms that acquire the data, and to create jobs now and in the future."

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The presentation from yesterday is now available online here -

Slides 18-20 cover the 2014 BAA.

Slide 21 covers the 2015 BAA.

Slide 22 summarizes the characteristics of a successful proposal, which any potential 2015 BAA applicants may want to look at.

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Information regarding the USGS 3D Elevation Program may be found here -

Under the Broad Area Announcement released last fall (the "2014 BAA"), organizations were invited to apply for matching funding towards high-resolution digital elevation data acquisition.

Here's a summary of applications to the 2014 BAA from applicants within Florida --

*         Leon County - applied, not awarded

*         Martin County - applied, awarded

*         Osceola County - applied, awarded

*         Suwannee River Water Management District - applied, awarded

The following information was just presented by USGS at the NSGIC Mid-Year conference regarding 3DEP --

2014 BAA - summarizing last year's process

  *   72 pre-proposals were received totaling over $75 million
  *   33 applicants invited to submit full proposals
  *   31 full proposals received, totaling over $30 million
  *   29 awarded, totaling $9.4 million
  *   $6.3 million awarded via GPSC (USGS Geospatial Products and Services Contract -
  *   $3.2 million awarded directly to applicants (to pass along to contractors selected by their own procurement process)
  *   Total: 94,115 square miles funded for acquisition

2015 BAA - information about this year's expected Broad Area Announcement

  *   Pre-proposals expected to be due: 7/17/15 - 8/28/15
  *   Review and evaluation expected: 8/28/15 - 9/11/15
  *   USGS looking for state and local stakeholders to engage in defining state priorities (watch for more information to come later regarding these opportunities)
If you are a county, and want more information, please coordinate with your Water Management District.

If you are any other entity, please feel free to reach out to myself and/or Florida USGS Geospatial Liaison Lou Driber (ldriber at<mailto:ldriber at>).

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