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Mon Oct 24 11:09:51 EDT 2016

The SHRUG GIS Workshop is just around the corner. In addition to some great
presentations and opportunities to expand your professional network, the
SHRUG Workshop committee has scheduled several pre-workshop classes at
discount prices that can let you take your GIS skills to the next level. You
can register for one of the classes even if you can't attend the workshop
(although you really should try to. It is always a great one). So take
advantage of this amazing opportunity to expand your skills and save some
money too. 


Seating for each of these amazing classes is limited and several are almost
full. So, make sure you sign up while you can. Registration will be on a
first come basis. Here is a list of the classes SHRUG is offering in
conjunction with this year's GIS workshop:


A.    Introduction ArcGIS I: GIS Fundamentals - Nov 14-15

a.     Beginner class for those just getting started in GIS and using
ArcGIS. Students learn basic skills needed to control layers and create

B.    Moving Beyond the Basics of Programming ArcGIS with Python - Nov 14-15

a.     Intermediate level class for those looking to expand their python
skills for ArcGIS. Students will learn how to create custom GUI interfaces
for their python scripts, how to automate creation of map books and more. 

C.    Web Map Essentials - Understanding ArcGIS Online - Nov 14-15

a.     This is a beginner to intermediate level class for those that wish to
learn more about how ArcGIS Online can be used to create and share maps via
the web. 

D.    Learning ArcGIS Pro 1: Fundamentals - Nov 14-15

a.     This is a beginner level class for anyone looking to learn more about
Esri's newest desktop GIS application. Students learn how to create 2D and
3D maps, navigate the modern ribbon interface and more. This is perfect for
the experienced ArcGIS Desktop user or someone just getting started. 

Go to  <> for more information and to


All classes are taught be experienced GIS professionals with over 10 years
working in the industry. These classes can all be used to earn education
points for earning or maintaining the GISP certification as well as possibly
others. SHRUG would like to thank our training partners, eGIS Associates,
Geospatial Training Services and TeachMe GIS for allowing us to offer these



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