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Hi all,

Our city is working on implementing the PLL side of CityWorks.  With that project well underway we are now looking at preliminary steps needed for implementing the AMS side of the program.  One area that we want to make sure we get right is the design of our geodatabase.  We feel good that our current geodatabase is capturing what is needed.  We adopted ESRI's Local Government Information Model in 2012 and with a few minor additions it has stayed the same since adoption.  With it we are tracking our water, waste water, gas, and storm water systems.

So to my question(s), if your organization is using CityWorks AMS did you adopt ESRI's LGIM?  If so what version and is it meeting your needs for collecting assets information and working well within CityWorks AMS?  Are there items that ESRI's LGIM isn't collecting that need to be added?  Alternatively did you develop your own geodatabase just for asset management?  Any thoughts on setting up or adopting ESRI's LGIM geodatabase for asset management will be helpful.

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