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Thu Apr 16 16:13:11 EDT 2020

Hi Jacob,

It appears that the Leon County Property Appraiser does not collect 
bedroom and bathroom data. Its possible they are, but not publishing it 
for some reason. Call them to double check. Some Property Appraisers 
collect this data and others don't collect it at all. Some Property 
Appraisers have bed and bath data for some structures, but not all. The 
list of variations of what data Property Appraisers collect is large. 
You can pretty much count on all of them to collect data needed to 
satisfy FDOR's data requirements. FDOR docs are here: 

The local Realtor Association's Multiple Listing Service does collect 
this data, but its incomplete. Its not an inventory of every single 
structure in the area they cover. Good luck getting a copy of their data 
even if you wanted it.

If the Property Appraiser doesn't have it, I don't know of any other 
source for this info that is complete for all structures in the county. 
If you or anyone else knows of a public source - I'd like to know too!

Brian May
MapWise Inc.

On 4/16/2020 3:00 PM, Jacob Long wrote:
> Good evening,
> My name is Jacob Long and I am a undergraduate research assistant at 
> Florida A&M. I am currently working on a project of utilizing property 
> parcel data to showcase the relationship between the price of a house 
> and the distance to a body of water in Tallahassee. I have most of the 
> variables I need to run a model like square ft of the  house, the the 
> size of the lot, the price it was last sold or year on the attribute 
> table for the map, and soon I will have the distances to the closest 
> body's of water calculated.  However one variable I am missing is the 
> number of bedrooms/ baths. Any idea of where I could get this data to 
> add to my attribute table for my project?
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Jacob Long
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