[Sqg-program] Is there an exemption for Nitroglycerin or certain Nitroglycerin formulations under State HazWaste rules?

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Is there an exemption for Nitroglycerin or certain Nitroglycerin formulations
under State hazardous waste rules?



 If it is a dilute solution of Nitroglycerin such as that used in
medications, then those dilute formulations are exempt under a federal
register adopted by reference in 2003.  The bottom line is that any
formulation of a chemical listed in U or P lists for I, C or R
characteristics (ignitable, corrosive or reactive like nitroglycerin) would
no longer be considered hazardous if the formulation did not exhibit the
characteristic for which it was listed.  So in the case of nitroglycerin
formulations if it is not shock sensitive or otherwise reactive it is exempt.
Thus medicinal doses of nitroglycerin in pills, patches, sprays, or IV
delivery systems (5% in saline or dextrose solutions) when or if they had to
be discarded would be simply solid waste and not hazardous waste because they
did not exhibit the characteristic of reactivity at the time of disposal.


Thanks to Mike Redig of the RCRA section for providing the interpretation.


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