[Sqg-program] FW: Cleansweep Funds Remaining for 2015-2016

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Please take advantage of this if you can.

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Subject: Cleansweep Funds Remaining for 2015-2016

Good Afternoon,

I wanted to send out a quick update on Cleansweep for the 2015-2016 fiscal year and request some assistance from you in getting the word out that we still have remaining funds available for this year!

>From the first 2 rounds, we have picked up 83,015 pounds of material.  We have started a 3rd list of locations that we plan to send to the contractor within the next couple of weeks for additional material pickups.
In an effort to use all remaining funds, we are waiving the 750 lb limit for qualifying material and we are also allowing other entities such as government, schools, institutions, etc. to participate for free up to the time funds are depleted for this program year.

Please pass this along to any entities you can in the hope that we will get some additional interest.  I will need to send the list to the contractor by April 15, 2016 so he can coordinate pickups, so time is of the essence.

Thank you for your assistance and let me know if you have any questions!

Shannon D. Turner
Regulatory Supervisor/Consultant
Division of Agricultural Environmental Services
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(850) 617-7853
(850) 617-7981 Fax
Shannon.Turner at freshfromflorida.com<mailto:Shannon.Turner at freshfromflorida.com>

Bureau of Inspection and Incident Response
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