gis-l: ESRI License Manager Up

Clay, Linc
Fri, 20 Jun 2003 15:26:49 -0400

ArcInfo and ArcGIS 8.x Users,

We have stood up a temporary ESRI License Manager so you can use ArcInfo
8.x/ArcGIS8.x on local data.  This will not help you with if you are
depending on ArcSDE data, but if you depend solely or largely on local =
it will allow you to use the ESRI products.

To use the temporary license manager, take the following steps.

1 - Point to the temporary license manager

	Start>Programs>ArcGIS>Desktop Administrator
	Select the "License Manager" folder
	Click the "Change" button
	Enter the license manager name "bis-4cgxh11" (without the quotes)
	Click "OK"
	Click "Apply" (if you do not click "Apply", ArcGIS will not remember
the change)
	Click "OK" (which should close the Desktop Administrator interface)

2 - Disable your default template

If you typically use DataMiner or other customizations, you will need to
rename your "normal.mxt" before you start ArcMap or you will get error
messages.  Look in Documents & Settings\<username>\Application Data\ESRI =
your templates.  If you rename them (add a ".hold" to the file name), =
you can use them next week when EPIC31 is well again (by simply =
restoring the

Good luck.=20

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