[Pharmwaste] Re: Pharmwaste Digest, Vol 45, Issue 5

William More wamore at gw.dec.state.ny.us
Mon Jul 13 15:07:53 EDT 2009

Thank you for your replies.
I didn't see a Hazardous Waste Determination for the school nurses' leftover pharmaceuticals?  Its left over, its not reusable, it becomes a solid waste, the law(RCRA) requires a generator to make a Hazardous Waste Determination.  How do we communicate that to all the school nurses? Or to the building principals, or administrators, or the districts? What are they holding? Did any of them get, Training on Hazardous Waste Management (RCRA)?  I understand your ,"If there is a specific policy for the school or school district, that policy should be followed." That's where review of federal requirements under RCRA (EPA)should be coming in. And I understand that not all drugs are a Hazardous Waste. But when we provide direction from the state Health Depts. and the state Pharmacy Boards, did they get any Training on Hazardous Waste Management (RCRA)???????
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