[Pharmwaste] The Most Environmentally Reponsible Method of Disposing of Unused/Unwanted drugs

chris angel info at greatlakescleanwater.org
Fri May 18 16:43:20 EDT 2012

Please let us remember that the study being cited in recent discussions is but one study with several variables. At present, the recommended method of disposal of unused/unwanted drugs is high-temperature incineration. This is recommended by the World Health Organization and many state regulatory agencies. With that said we should be separating unused/unwanted drugs from packaging which can and should be recycled. The Yellow Jug Old Drugs program operated by Great Lakes Clean Water Organization does just that at over 250 pharmacies in the Great Lakes region. When mangaged properly and efficiently the collection of unwanted/unused drugs at pharmacies and properly disposed of through high temperature incineratoration is the most environmentally responsible approach available. For Protocol on the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program in Michigan,Illinois and Wisconsin go to www.greatlakescleanwater.org

Chris Angel, President
Volunteer Board of Dir.
Great Lakes Clean Water Organization

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