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Allen, thank you for your suggestions, we will look into organizing a webcast/webinar.

I should have included a link in the initial email, but for those still curious please click the link below which will bring you to our pharmaceutical waste home page. It provides a brief introduction to the proposed rule at the bottom of the page. Once the proposed rule is published by the Federal Register we will post it on our website.



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Webinars/webcasts seem to be the way to go these days.  I believe travel funds are slim to none for many of us.

If many other states' environmental agencies are like AR's, their planning group doesn't even have knowledge of this "upcoming" proposed Rule (please supply hotlink, I'm not even sure of what proposed Rule you're talking about) or have the resources to study their own streams' aquatic lives' health with regards to pharmaceuticals.

EPA Pretreatment has held 6 or 7 somewhat interactive and successful webinars/webcasts over the course of the last several yrs and have been well attended by "stakeholders".  Jan Pickrel (ec'd above) can give you some hints on how her group organized them and what all was entailed.


Allen Gilliam
ADEQ State Pretreatment Coordinator

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EPA's proposed rule on pharmaceutical waste is expected to be published soon and the comment period will begin afterwards. EPA is looking for large speaking engagements (e.g. national or regional conferences) this fall so that we can reach out to the public and stakeholders about the proposed rule and answer any questions. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

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