shrug-l: Problem with saving field order

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In ArcMap 9.2 this problem has supposedly been taken care of with the
'newer' functions of tables.  I am not on 9.2 as of yet so I have

to 'fix' this every time I close the .mxd and reopen it again.


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I ran into something strange at a client site this week. They are
reordering the attribute fields of a feature class but for some reason
it will not save with the MXD. They are running ArcGIS 9.0 with ArcSDE
9.0 on Oracle. Is anyone else seen this problem? Does any one have any
idea on a fix? I have searched ESRI's forums and it says that should be
saved with the Map Document. It does seem to work that way if you use a
personal geodatabase or shapefiles but based on my experience with this
client it does not with SDE. 


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