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I believe that it is Navteq for streets, Group 1 (Pitney-Bowes) for parcel centriod and building footprint.  I will check with the Virtual Earth/MapPoint Team and report back.  It may be stated in their EULA.


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Do you know what source is for the Microsoft GIS data? I took a look at their site and can't find the GIS metadata info that I would normally expect to find. 

Lance Peterson

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Check out the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service: <>  
The MapPoint Web Service utilizes the Group 1's roof top geocoding for batch processing.  Very accurate and 99.9% uptime. 
Also, you could use the Virtual Earth API for single point geocoding: <>  
"Geocoding. Get the most accurate locations around the world with the highest quality geo-coders, such as Group1 GeoStan geocoding engine in the U.S." - MSFT VE Site 
No, need to purchase data or pay outrageous licensing costs for storing it :-) 


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You might want to look on the Geography Network at <> . 
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Hello everyone: 
I am looking for the most updated FL data for address geocoding (regardless of the price). I would appreciate greatly if you could share your knowledge about and/or experience with the existing, most-up-to-date (i.e. best :-)) geocoding data available for Florida. 
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