shrug-l: ArcIMS image catalog problems

Daniel Godwin danielg7 at
Wed Jan 9 14:19:08 EST 2008

A little bit esoteric, but we'll see if anyone knows the answer...

I'm trying to run an IMS of an image catalog of JPGs. I get the 
following errors when I add the .axl as an virtual service type 

[WARNING code="192" message="
[ERR0928] ImageServer on if-fsg-foobar: Layer with ID 0 cannot be 
created. Dataset napp.dbf is missing, unknown type, or 
[ERROR message="[ERR0125] Error when trying to administer Service."/>
[ERROR message="[ERR0930] Check your map file's layers and data source 
connections. ArcIMS service NAPP cannot be created." /]

Attached as code is my .axl file, napp.axl. Any advice on why it's 
throwing those errors? I pretty much followed the IMAGEWORKSPACE esri 
help file verbatim, and it's still throwing them.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ARCXML version="1.1">
            <LOCALE country="US" language="en" variant="" />
            <UIFONT color="0,0,0" name="SansSerif" size="12" 
style="regular" />
            <SCREEN dpi="96" />
                <ENVELOPE minx="47668.76" miny="56960.88" 
maxx="798178.50" maxy="781720.56" name="Initial_Extent" />
                <MAPUNITS units="meters" />
                <FILTERCOORDSYS id="3087" />
                      <FEATURECOORDSYS id="3087" />

                <IMAGEWORKSPACE name="NAPP_WS" 
directory="C:\ArcIMS\data\napp\jpgs" />

            <LAYER type="image" name="napp.dbf" visible="true" id="0">
                <DATASET name="napp.dbf" type="image" workspace="NAPP_WS" />

-Daniel Godwin
Florida Sea Grant

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