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This is not as hard as you may think. You can do many things to gain
points in this area. The easiest is to present at conferences. These do
not have to be strictly GIS related conferences as long as your
presentation is GIS related. The spring conference season will be
starting soon. SERUG is just around the corner but don't forget to look
into your local County Commissioners groups, League of Cities, Tax
Assessors, Surveyors and Engineer groups, Rural Water Systems, Emergency
Management, and more. All of these hold conferences at least once a year
sometimes more. Of course you would want to focus on your specialty. You
can also contact schools in your area and offer to talk to them about
GIS. This can be any type of school and it does not have to be just on
GIS day. There are also many GIS organizations you can join such as
URISA, FL URISA (this one is free), GA URISA, GITA, and others. Many of
these also offer opportunities to present and volunteer. Ga URISA will
be holding a conference in Oct this year and will be looking for folks
to present papers and exhibit. 

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I am currently seeking GISCI certification.  In my application, I found
my "contributions to the profession" are somewhat scant :-(.  I wanted
to poll shrug members in the hope someone might be able to help me find
workshops, committees or volunteer work in order to further our
profession, while helping me get certified.  If there are any leads in
this regard, please pass them on; I would also be interested in any
guidance from those who are already certified. I am willing to provide
individuals more information on my qualifications and interests.

Mike Berzinis

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