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In order to reproject a shapefile from one coordinate system to another,
you need to use the project tool in ArcToolbox. Simply changing the
settings in the Shapefile propertied or recreating the prj file does not
actually reproject the data. Try this:


1.       Make sure the correct projection is assigned to each shapefile.
This may require you to delete the current prj, look at the coordinate
values in ArcMap or in the preview in ArcCatalog, from those values
determine the correct coordinate system. Hint: If you see a negative
number it is most likely in Lat and Long. 

2.       Once the correct coordinate system has been assigned to each
shapefile, use the project tool in ArcToolbox to change the coordinate
system to the one you desire, State Plane, UTM, Lat and Long or
whatever. This actually creates new shapefiles with new coordinate

3.       Add new  shapefiles to a new Map. 


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Originally, the wetlands file did not have any spatial information
associated with it. The parcel data uses
NAD_1983_StatePlane_Florida_East_FIPS_0901_Feet and
GCS_North_American_1983. I have selected these coordinates using both
the select option under shapefile properties. I have also used the prj
file for the parcel data to replace the prj file associated with the
wetlands file. 


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