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This is a forward from an evolving effort for geospatial collaboration
in the Tampa Bay area - so though not in the Seven Hills areas, I know
that folks across the state use the SHRUG list to keep up with what's
going on. So please let me share this out-of-region information --


Tampa Bay GECCo

August 29, 2009

9 AM - 4 PM


Tampa Bay GECCo is a fledgling consortium of the Tampa Bay area
Geospatial Community. Our interest lies in data collaboration for the
purpose of Emergency Response and Recovery. Attend to help us Plan and
Grow this group.



What the heck is a GECCo?  


-          GECCo stands for "geospatially enabling community


Who is GITA?


-          GITA is Geospatial Information and Technology Association - a
professional association and a leading advocate for anyone using
geospatial technology. GITA sponsors GECCo's in communities that host
the GITA annual conference, which was held in Tampa earlier this year.


More info on the past Tampa Bay GECCo --

To let us know that you are interested in attending, please email
Carrie.Jones at 


Richard Butgereit
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Florida Division of Emergency Management

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