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I know some of you also do work in Georgia on occasion or maintain we
blinks for this kind of information so I thought I would pass this
along. The Georgia GIS Clearinghouse is moving. See below. 

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Hello. The Georgia Spatial Data Infrastructure (GaSDI) and GIS
Clearinghouse will be moving from their former domains
( and to the following
new domains (currently live): and (both
will interrelate/interlink to each other)
Please let me know if you have any content-related comments
(modifications, additions, etc.).
Thank you. Have a great rest of the week.
Danielle Ayan, GISP
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Center for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS)
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The Center for GIS co-manages the Georgia GIS Clearinghouse
<>  and offers GPS services and
geospatial/geotemporal analytical consulting services (ex., Enterprise
GIS Needs Assessments, Enterprise GIS Implementation Plans, Hazards
modeling, Environmental spatial analysis, business spatial analysis,
Transportation modeling/analysis, asset mapping/management, etc.)

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