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Let's not forget the use of various CAD packages as simple GIS
platforms. As an engineering outfit, I know that was where we started.
We even wrote our own application which ran on top of AutoCAD which
allowed users to map an entire city or county in AutoCAD on old 386 and
486 machines pretty efficiently. It even had some simple query tools and
batch booklet plotting routines. Then in the 90s there was an attempt by
Autodesk and ESRI to work together with the ArcCAD product. It was one
of the first GIS software apps I ever used. It had all the easy drawing
tools of AutoCAD with most of the analysis and graphics tools of


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In the late 70s and early 80s there was EDC's ELAS for image processing
on mainframe and desktop, by the 90s numerous image-proc/raster-GIS
packages for desktop (the big distinction at that time was between
softwares that could perform geocorrection of raw imagery to
image-maps...and those that could not).  Development environments could
avail themselves of Arc's toolkit for vectors, and RSI's IDL for custom
image-proc.  Data transfer and storage improved dramatically, from early
desktops of less than 1 Gb harddrive crunching data accessed via 9track
tapedrives, wormdrives, Kermit, and Laplink; and satellite imagery
searched via card-catalog and delivered on tape reels by everything from
postman to elephant-back, to the modern situation of downloadable vector
datasets and online search-n-order of on-the-fly preprocessed satellite
imagery (mid 90s EOSDIS).  The peripherals related to raster/vector GIS
improved enormously, from light-tables and digitizing tablets to
large-format scanners, from fridge-sized screenshot 35-mm slidemakers to
PPT, from alphabetic-plotters (still useful for colorblind folks or
faxes) to pen-plotters and finally to color laser printers.  


Jack Jordan



(yeah, yeah, books had already replaced scrolls, and tapes had replaced
Bakelite cylinders J )



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A few of the tools we used back then, though not quite as far back as
the old-timers Eric and Jim... 


-   GRASS 

-   Idrisi 

-   Atlas Pro 

-   Atlas GIS 

-   vellum and transparencies 



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I think the first thing I used ware a Product from Yale, Forestry.
LAND.  It was a Boolean math program to evaluate land use vs slops......
That was in 1984.  I ended up using it on a CDAMA by IBM.  A very new
mini computer workstation.   I forget what LAND stands for .  I'd have
to dig up an old resume...  So much started as a 1's and 0's on a dot
matrix printer back then.  



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There was a lot of GIS going on.  There was ESRI (only Arcinfo),
Intergraph, GRASS.  A lot of government grant money for universities.
LandSat had been around for 10 years and people were doing
classifications and trying to analyze the results.  The WMD's were
already using Arcinfo.  I used Arcinfo 20 years ago and it was version
4.3 so it had been around for awhile.  I did my thesis (1985-87) with
custom software based on IMGRID software written at Harvard in the mid
70's when Jack Dangermond was a grad student there.  We had computer
science students customize routines for our analyses. 

Google search something like "+imgrid gis harvard".  It's interesting


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     If the time does not conflict with one of my presentation 
assignments, I would be interested.  My only question is the bit 
about the History of GIS since I only started in 1994 although I did 
work with mainframe computer programs to map things back in 1969 or 
1970.  Given the capacity of the mainframes back then, what GIS was 
being run 20 some years ago? .

C. Henry Depew

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>Hello everyone,
>This year we would like to conduct panel discussions as part of our 
>concurrent speaker sessions. Possible topics would include the 
>History of GIS (for practioners with 20+ years of experience), the 
>Future of GIS (discussion about what the future holds for GIS) and 
>possibly a technical panel, where we could have a Question and Answer
>If you would like to participate as a member on any of these panels 
>or have suggestions for panel discussion topics, please contact me.
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