shrug-l: New Connecticut ruling on public records request

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I think this issue already comes up in Florida with respect to parcel 
datasets. Some communities or counties won't provide the records of police 
officers, etc. because you could not only get their address but usually a 
map to their house.

This stuff gets complicated...


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shrug-l: New Connecticut ruling on public records request

It seems Connecticut has a law in place that requires the scrubbing of 
specific information for state employees who might be targets of 
harassment or violence. Initially, the law pertained to state and local 
police and prison guards. However, over the years this list has grown to 
include 12 separate employee groups. The State Supreme Court recently 
issued a ruling adding additional City records to the list that must be 
scrubbed. To further complicate the issue, there is not a procedure in 
place for the protected employees to notify the City or County that they 
need to be removed from any open records data request. The local 
government must expend the resources to try and figure out who is 
protected and who is not. 
I thought this issue would be of some interest to the SHRUG list. Here is 
a link to the article from Connecticut Law Tribune with more information:
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