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Wed Aug 17 11:01:12 EDT 2011

Good morning all,

*UWF Online GIS Certificate needs your help!*

It's almost time to start the final semester of the 2011 GIS Cohort, and as
part of our curriculum, students are required to complete 150 hours of GIS
related work during the fall semester.  This averages 10 hours/per week with
classes beginning 8/22 and ending 12/10.  Many of our students are working
in the GIS industry and do not need help finding the perfect opportunity to
hone in their skills, however, we have some students still searching for a
match.  If you think you may have an opening or would like additional
information about our internship requirements, please contact me at
klewis3 at <emailklewis3 at> or 850-857-6121.

   - Students have the capability to work either* remotely* or
*in-house*depending on location.
   - Students have completed at least 4 GIS courses including, Intro to GIS,
   Digital Cartography, GIS Programming and Applications in GIS.
   - Students are very familiar with Florida related GIS data sources (FGDL,
   Labins, FL DOR, etc.).
   - UWF provides the necessary software (ArcInfo, ERDAS Imagine, and Adobe
   - Wages are not expected and are at the discretion of the employer.
   - You will be given the opportunity to screen potential internship

If you are interested in the type of work we are doing here at UWF, take a
look at our blog.  This can give you an idea of the great caliber of
students we have this year! .

Look forward to seeing you all in November!  Thank you so much for your

K. Leah Lewis
GIS Analyst/Instructor
UWF Online GIS Certificate Program
850.857.6121 (office)
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