shrug-l: Lat/Long(decimal degrees) to Meters without Geometry service

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Does anyone have a javascript code that can convert decimal degrees
(wkid: 4326) points to meters (wkid: 3857)? I am not able to use the
geometry service for a number of reasons, so I believe the only way to
do this would be to convert the points mathematically. This is what I
have so far and it's kinda working (I'm off about 20-25 miles), but I'm
pretty sure there is some tweaking needed in the equations. If anyone
has any ideas or has already written some javascript code for this, I'd
be very grateful!


       function addPointToMap() {

            var xMin,yMin,xMax,yMax;

            var lon ,lat;

            var DEG_TO_RAD = 0.017453292519943296;                

            var PI = 3.14159267;

            var NUM = 6356752.3142;


            lon = -84.286616;

            lat = 30.437574;


            //Limit to World






var Y = Math.round(NUM * Math.log( Math.tan( ((lat * DEG_TO_RAD) +
(PI/2)) / 2 ) ));

            var X = Math.round(NUM * (lon * DEG_TO_RAD));



Thank you in advance!


Janelle Brown

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Citizens Property Insurance Corporation


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