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Hey guys,

I have a question that I am trying to work through. It is about using
Managed Variables in a Model. As I understand it, if I set a variable as
managed it should automatically write that output to the scratch or current
workspace that has been defined in the model properties. If the data is
marked as intermediate it is sent to the scratch workspace and if it is not
it goes to the current workspace. Is that correct?


If that is how do you get it to show the updated location if you change the
workspace environmental setting. I have been playing with this hoping it
might make some models easier to work with. I set the Current and Scratch
workspace under the model properties. I then mark a variable as managed. It
doesn't seem to pick up the scratch or current workspace settings. It seems
to want to always send everything to the default.gdb in my user profile. No
matter what I set the current or scratch workspace too within the model
properties or the application environmental settings.  


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