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Looks like a great group to me. I am happy to see a couple of new names on
the list. New blood is key to any organizations long term growth. As someone
that volunteers with many professional organizations, I know a group is only
as strong as the volunteers that are willing to donate their time and
efforts. SHRUG has always had a strong volunteer core. I want to encourage
everyone to consider taking on a leadership role in SHRUG. I promise you
will find it very rewarding, expand your professional network and help you
to develop skills you will need in management areas. Plus you earn
Professional Contribution points for the GISP.  


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Good Morning,


I would like to introduce the proposed Seven Hills Regional User Group for
GIS Board for 2014 and 2015.  


Janelle Versnick - President

Ned Cake - Vice President

Duane Treadon - Treasurer

Ana Nowak - Secretary

Avis Wiggins - Registered Agent

David Kelly - Incorporator


The proposed board members have been active with SHRUG for several years
helping plan the Workshops, Shruginars and other aspects of running a
non-profit.  They will help lead SHRUG and our local GIS community for the
next two years.


If you have any objections to the proposed board our would like to nominate
someone or yourself for one of the above positions please send Mike Kissane
mike.kissane at an email stating your objection or nomination.
This invitation will remain open until October 31st.


I will submit a final web survey/vote on November 1st.


Thank you,


Mike Kissane

SHRUG President

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