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As I am sure you are aware, my company offers several Python and ArcGIS
Server classes. We have them online and in traditional classrooms. Online we
provide options for Instructor Led, Instructor Assisted and entirely
self-paced eCourses. 


Our eCourse are the cheapest. Here is a link to the eCourses we currently
offer - If you are a good
learner that can understand things on your own once shown some basics, these
are a good option. We also offer organizational subscriptions
<>  to our
eCourse catalog that allows not only you but others in your organization to
access classes. The cost depends on the number of people you want to allow
access to the classes. 


Our instructor Assisted eCourses are a good balance between the inexpensive
cost of a eCourse and the help and experience you get with an instructor
led. This courses allow you to work on exercises and lectures at your own
pace but have access to an instructor if you run in to trouble. You contact
the instructor via email and/or a class forum. You can find a current list
of scheduled Instructor Assisted eCourse on our website.


Of course you are familiar with traditional instructor led classes whether
online or in a classroom. We have a range of those classes. Here is a link
to the course titles we offer - We do have a program
called Training Bytes which provides a 15% discount off instructor led


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions. 


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I am looking for a Python course directed toward ESRI GIS but with wider
application as well.   I was asked to submit a training request list. 

I couldn't convince the powers that be to take advantage of the in-town
SHRUG Python course this year, so I am not sure  I can sell a course that
costs 4X more, but I will try. 

I'm hoping for input from vendors that give the courses and from SHRUGgies
that have taken courses.   


I have managed to keep my mapserver running using only Flex,  but I need
more than it provides. I'd also like to move data between SQL, ESRI and
Microsoft applications.


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