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To all county HHW/SQG personnel:

A couple weeks back, Jack Price and I met with representatives of a company called Wahi (pronounced wa' hee) Media. This company markets a software and service to provide and maintain an online dialogue between the user and the particular Wahi message (e.g. an HHW homepage).  Jack and I were very impressed with this technology and it might be of interest to local government agencies, including HHW/SQG program managers as a public outreach and education tool.

You can find more info and demonstrations of this technology (three of which are being used in Florida: Tampa Police, DOE and North East Florida Education Consortium) at the company's web site:


The following is edited from the Wahi Media web site (all bold emphasis added)

"In brief, we're using a technology called wahi (web automated human interaction) to create interactive conversations online (emphasis added). Each conversation branches to deliver targeted information based on audience responses and each response is captured in real-time with access to an online reporting tool.

Wahi Media pioneered the wahi - an online, video-based platform that lets you communicate your message to the masses by simulating human conversation. The wahi interacts with and learns about the viewer, so it can tailor its message to give the viewer a truly personal experience. At the same time, the wahi collects and stores all of the viewer's responses in real time. So, you can hear and understand how your audience responds to the message. "

This is kind of interactive logic tree or flow chart. You answer a question and your response keys a particular follow up message and further dialogue. Wahi is very flexible and adaptable as it can be updated to incorporate new elements based on user input, so that it's always "live" rather than a static "snapshot" in time.  Data for all interactions is available and easily manipulated to better target one's message and audience.

The software is not cheap but it's way cheaper than professionally designed (static) "commercials" targeting different populations with a single "snapshot in time" message:


First Year: $2,000/final produced minute.  The WAHI rep said they have done projects anywhere from 20 minutes to 106 minutes or ~$50,000-$200,000.  The most common length they have done is 90 minutes, that because most of them were grant funded and the client wanted to "use up" all the grant funding. This cost covers the first year and includes off site hosting of the video.
Our web would just have a link to where on the WAHI web that our particular WAHI would be located. So no bandwidth from our web would be tied up.

Second and subsequent years: 20% of the first year cost. If the project cost $100,000, it would cost $20,000/year to maintain the video on their site, collect and report the data, and do any modifications to the WAHI that do not involve cast or reshoot. For example, if we wanted to add another question response choice. Or if we needed to reword some question or answer text.  For modifications that require cast and reshooting/adding video, cost $2,000/final produced minute.

If you're imagination has been sufficiently tickled, please visit the wahi web site. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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