shrug-l: Issue connecting ArcGIS Online to an ArcGIS Server map service using REST

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Thu Jan 30 17:14:24 EST 2014

Good afternoon everyone

I thought I would tap into the vast knowledge and experience on this group
to see if you might have any suggestions for an issue I am hitting a road
block on. So let me lay it out.


I have map services that are being serviced out through ArcGIS Server which
is being hosted by a third party company. They have provided me with the
REST connection points to those services that are published. I can access
those using a url without a problem. I can even view them from the REST
information page. 


The problem comes when I try to connect those services into my ArcGIS Online
account. When I try to add them to my content as a data source, I have to go
through the process twice. On the second attempt, the service is added
successfully to my ArcGIS Online account in my content.  Then when I try to
add said services to a new ArcGIS Online Map, it will add the service as a
layer to the map without issue. If I then save and close the map and try to
reopen the map I get errors. The first says the layer (which points back to
the ArcGIS Server published service) is not responding. If I wait a while
longer, it says it is not able to add the layer to the map. However if I go
through the process of adding the layer back to the map by going Add>My
Organization and select Add for the appropriate map service, it shows up in
the map and works until I close it again. 


So anyone got any ideas? Is there a setting in ArcGIS Server I need to ask
the third party to adjust?  


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